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The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) is a municipal service management organization created by the provincial government to oversee the local planning, coordination and delivery of a range of services and programs divested to the municipal order of government.

The specific programs our DSB is responsible for are: Ontario Works, Community Housing, Paramedic Services (Land Ambulance), and Early Learning and Child Care services.

The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB promotes healthy communities through the planning, coordination and management of municipal services and programs in the districts of Manitoulin and Sudbury.

We represent 18 municipal partners in the Districts of Manitoulin and Sudbury (excluding the City of Greater Sudbury) and our service jurisdiction is over 45,000 square kilometers.

Mailing Address:
210 Mead Blvd, Espanola, ON, P5E 1R9

For information on Programs and Services please contact:

Robert Smith
Chief of Paramedic Services (PS)
705-862-7850, ext. 600

Donna Stewart
Director of Integrated Social Services
Direct Line: 705-222-0499

Anne Quenneville
Ontario Works Program Supervisor
705-862-7850, ext. 105

Rhonda McCauley
Community Housing Program Supervisor
705-862-7850, ext. 163

Lori Clark
Children's Program Supervisor
705-862-7850, ext. 150


Fern Dominelli
Chief Administrative Officer
Direct Line: 705-222-7777

Melody Ouellette
Executive Assistant
Direct Line: 705-222-0495
Connie Morphet
Director of Finance & Administration
Direct Line: 705-222-0496

Iain Stephen
Manager of Information Technology
705-862-7850 ext. 450

Finance Supervisor

705-862-7850 ext. 431

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