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8.4 Pet Information Form


Community Housing                     Effective Date:  
Topic: Forms    Replaces: 
Subject: Pet Information Form Policy No. 8.4. 


Pet Information Form

As per Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB Policy, tenants owning Pets must be responsible at all times for the care and welfare of such Pet(s). 

To alleviate the possibility of a Pet becoming abandoned in a unit, all residents must declare their Pet(s) and identify an individual who will take responsibility for such Pet should the resident leave the Pet unattended in the unit for more than 24 hours. 

Resident's Name:  *
Resident's Address (including unit#):  *
Resident's Telephone #:  *

Pet Type:  *
Pet Breed:  *
Pet's Name:  *
Pet Age:  *

Person to Contact:  *
Contact Person's Address:  *
Contact Person's Home Telephone #:  *
Contact Person's Cell Telephone #:  *

Declaration Acceptance: *

I, the resident, acknowledge that should it be discovered that I have left my pet unattended in a unit for more than 24 hours. DSB staff will notify the individual listed on this Pet Agreement Form and the pet is to be removed from the unit until the tenant returns.


I, the resident, acknowledge that should the DSB staff be unable to contact that named individual within an additional 24 hour period, the animal will be considered an abandoned pet and the local SPCA will be called in to remove the animal from the unit.