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7.6. Laundry Equipment - DSB Apts


Community Housing Effective Date: December 1, 2010
Topic: Infrastructure & Asset Management Replaces: 
Subject: Laundry Equipment - DSB Apts Policy No. I.7.6. 



The Manitoulin- Sudbury DSB shall provide adequate laundry facilities suitable to the building occupancy.

Tenants are responsible to follow equipment instructions for proper operation and cleaning of the laundry equipment and area after use. Tenant’s lease charges include the cost of laundry equipment.


Tenant Responsibilities

Prior to the use of the equipment the tenant shall:

  • Review instructions on how the machine should be operated
    • If the tenant requires assistance, contact the custodian for further direction
  • Operate machines per the instructions
  • If the machines are not operating as expected then the tenant shall notify the DSB to have a work request entered

Once the tenant has completed their laundry, the tenant shall:

  • Clean the dryer lint trap
  • Wipe the washing machine bowl clean, clean out any lint
  • Clean the folding area, and wash sink
DSB Responsibilities

To ensure adequate laundry facilities and machines are in good working order.