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7.3. Common Area Maintenace - DSB Apts


Community Housing Effective Date: December 1, 2010
Topic: Infrastructure & Asset Management Replaces: 
Subject: Common Area Maintenance - DSB Apts Policy No. I.7.3.. 



Common areas shall be maintained in a condition suitable for their intended use, for these purposes, regular maintenance shall be undertaken.


Custodian Responsibilities
  • Maintain all common interior areas by performing regular maintenance duties as applicable such as:
    • Vacuuming hallways
    • Washing floors
    • Common washroom clean and stocked
    • Window cleaning
    • Hallways, stairs, doorways are free of any obstructions that may impede egress to the building
    • Lighting is functional
    • Refuse rooms are clean
  • Maintain all common exterior areas by performing regular maintenance duties as applicable such as:
    • Grass cutting
    • Weed control
    • Identify and notify DSB of any tree maintenance requirements
    • Rubbish or debris clean up 
Tenant Responsibilities

Although every reasonable effort will be made to ensure interior/exterior common area conditions are suitable for their intended use, tenants should ensure that they follow directions posted in common areas to minimize disruption to other tenants in their use of the common areas.


  • Follow directions posted in refuse areas regarding the recycling of materials.
  • No smoking in common interior or exterior areas
  • Putting rubbish in appropriate containers for pick up