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2022-23 COCHI-OPHI - Issue Report

Report To: Program Planning Committee

From: Lori Clark, Director of Integrated Social Services (A)

Date: May 26, 2022

Re: 2022-23 COCHI-OPHI - Issue Report\


To provide the Board with an update on the 2022-23 Canada-Ontario Community Housing Initiative (COCHI) and Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative (OPHI).


A letter was sent to the Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB Board Chair from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on April 27th, 2022 confirming our 2022-23 allocations for COCHI, OPHI, and Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB).

2022-23 Allocations

COCHI    $347,763
OPHI       $207,700
COHB     $114,700

Staff are required to submit an investment plan for  COCHI and  OPHI  funding  before May 31, 2022.  

Investment Plan

The Ministry is requiring a more robust investment plan this year which requires predicting the number of households for each target group to be served in our area for both COCHI and OPHI funding.  The target groups include:

•    Homeless
•    Indigenous Peoples
•    Mental/Health Addiction Issues
•    Persons with Disabilities
•    Racialized Groups
•    Recent Immigrants
•    Seniors
•    Survivors of Domestic Violence
•    Veterans
•    Young Adults and 
•    Unspecified.

The investment plan proposes to use the COCHI funding of $347,763 less administration for two projects prioritized in the Building Condition Assessment which was shared with the Board in October 2020.  

The following two projects will support target groups including Indigenous peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Mental Health/Addiction Issues, Seniors and Survivors of Domestic Violence.

COCHI Projects

Location Project Cost
66 Robinson St. Little Current Balcony Repair $72,758
  Main Electrical Service Distribution Replacement $75,640
Total Little Current   $148,398
76 Wellington St. Manitowaning Balcony Repair $121,094
  Main Electrical Service Distribution Replacement $60,883
Total Manitowaning   $181,977
Administration   $17,388
Total COCHI   $347,763

The investment plan proposes to use the OPHI capital funding of $207,700 less administration to support the new build in Little Current to create long-term affordable housing for seniors.  There is a high need for senior’s housing that is currently being under supported. We are short in meeting our targets as well as being short in adhering to our 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan recommendations. 

This project is a senior building, therefore 1 unit will reach the target group of seniors, as the unit has not been assigned, it is unknown if additional target groups will be supported.

Staff provided an issue report to the board in February 2020 regarding the COHB program.  The COHB is a portable housing benefit program where funding is paid directly to low-income households that are on or eligible to be on a social housing waitlist.  An investment plan is not required for the COHB program. 


Staff are recommending the Board approve the COCHI OPHI Investment Plan totaling $555,463 to be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.