65 Ontario Paramedics Recognized for Excellence

Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs

For Immediate Release – December 13, 2023

65 Ontario paramedics recognized for excellence 

(Toronto) – Today, 65 Ontario paramedics received their Governor General Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal bars for providing exemplary emergency medical services for 30, 40 and 50 years. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvie Jones presented the First, Second or Third Bars to these long-serving, deserving paramedics.

The late Governor General of Canada, Romeo LeBlanc, created the Medal in 1994 as part of the Canadian Honours System. This recognition recognizes paramedics who have provided the highest standard of care and conduct. To qualify, at least ten years of service must have been in the field, on duty, involving potential risk.

Each Bar to the Exemplary Service Medal represents an additional award of the Medal. Paramedics who have served for at least thirty years receive their First Bar, forty years their Second Bar, and for fifty years, their Third Bar. 

Please see the attached backgrounder for list of recipients.

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Paul J. Charbonneau, Executive Director
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Telephone: 1 (613) 305-0092

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The 2023 Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal Bar recipients are:

Central East Prehospital Care Program (CEPCP)
Ian McAdams – First Bar

Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs
Chief (ret’d) Paul J. Charbonneau – Third Bar

Elliot Montford – First Bar

Michael Chad – First Bar
David Maynard – First Bar
Brad McArthur – First Bar
Matt Middaugh – First Bar
Paul Richard – First Bar
Robert Teranishi – First Bar
Peter Zanon – First Bar

Meikel Gobet – Second Bar
Daniel R Metcalfe – First Bar
Mechelle Murphy – First Bar

Tracey Izzard – First Bar
Eric Villeneuve – First Bar

Wendy Bieman – First Bar
Amy Benn – First Bar

Brian Parkes – Second Bar
Mark Symington – First Bar
Keith Young – First Bar

Stacy Inglis – First Bar

Michael Grosz – First Bar

Christine Barber – Second Bar
Douglas Hodge – Second Bar
Tom Stirling – Second Bar
Peter McMurrough - First Bar
Roman Nowickyj – First Bar

Gregory Plummer – First Bar
Bradley Robinson – First Bar

Katie Campion – Second Bar
Craig McCleary - First Bar

Brian Leahey - First Bar
Michael Nolan - First Bar

Jeff Ashley - First Bar

Sault Ste. Marie
Jeffrey Orr - First Bar

Gregory Murphy – First Bar
Mark Oliver – First Bar

Ben Valentine - First Bar

Dwayne Elliot – First Bar
Daniel Tremblay – First Bar

Superior North
Andrew Dillon - First Bar

Robert Gordon – Second Bar
Neal Roberts – Second Bar 

Glenn Brown – First Bar
Stefano Di Ciccio – First Bar
Ronald Hill – First Bar
David Littler - First Bar
Mike Wionzek – First Bar

Rob Barbisan – First Bar
Dan Favero – First Bar
Cindy Favero – First Bar
Michael Lampman – First Bar

Dean Wick – Second Bar
Robert Crossan - First Bar 
Andrea Gebbie – First Bar
Chris Mantynen – First Bar
Jeremy Parkinson – First Bar
Kevin Petendra – First Bar
Pamela Smith – First Bar
Jim Topham – First Bar

Stuart Burnett – First Bar
Bernie Garcia - First Bar
George Muszik - First Bar
Chris Takacs - First Bar

Cheryl Balsdon - First Bar
Richard McTeer – First Bar