2014 TWOMO Election

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2014 TWOMO Election

Declaration of Acclamation to Office

The certified candidates listed below are to be acclaimed to the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board as members representing territory without municipal organization.

Bruce Killah
David Leonard
Edgar Lovelace

This is your Official Source of TWOMO Election Notices, Information and Documentation

Notice of Territory Without Municipal Organization (TWOMO) Election

**NEW** Non resident electors of the territory without municipal organization within the jurisdiction of the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board are now eligible to participate in the election of three representatives to the Board.

TWOMO Election Resources / TWOMO Élections Ressources

2014 TWOMO Elections Resource Guide
2014 Guide de ressources élections dans les territoires non érigés en municipalité 
Notice of Nominations                               
Avis de mises en candidature
Nominee Qualifications 
Qualités requises des membres
Application to Amend Voters List
Demande de modification de la liste électorale

TWOMO Election Policy (will be posted once available)

Municipal Election Act and Regulations

Municipal Elections Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 32, Sched.
Loi de 1996 sur les élections municipales
Reg. 101/97 GENERAL
Règlement de L'ontario 101/97 Dispositions Générales
Reg. 425/00 Provincial Interest
Reg. 4/00 Transitional Matters Affecting A Regular Election and Arising out of Restructuring
Règlement de L'ontario 4/00 Questions Transitoires Touchant les Elections Ordinaires et Découlant de la Restructuration
Reg. 500/09 Voter Identification 
Règlement de L'ontario 500/09 Identification des Electeurs

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