General Administration Manual



B.1.01       Reports and Minutes
B.1.02       French Language Services Plan
B.1.03       Records Retention and Disposal Policy
B.1.05       Video Surveillance Policy 
B.1.06       Terms of Reference – Senior Management Team 
B.1.07       Terms of Reference - Management Team 
B.1.08       Website Operating Rules


B.2.01       Board Procedural By-Law
B.2.02       General Meeting 
B.2.03       Honoraria By-Law 
B.2.03.A    Honoraria Expectations
B.2.03.B    Roles of Board Members
B.2.03.C    Annual Evaluation Tool
B.2.03.D    Committee Meetings Evaluation Tool
B.2.04       Travel By-Law
B.2.05       TWOMO Elections 
B.2.06       Computer Policy 
B.2.07       In-Camera Sessions
B.2.08       Board Selection by Area
B.2.09       Code of Conduct
B.2.10       Code of Ethics
B.2.11       Expectations of Board Members
B.2.12       TOR – Program Planning Committee
B.2.13       TOR – Human Resources Committee
B.2.14       TOR – Emergency Planning Committee
B.2.15       TOR – Strategic Planning Committee
B.2.16       TOR – Finance Committee 
B.2.17       TOR – Property Committee
B.2.18       TOR – French Language Services Committee
B.2.19       TOR - Ad-Hoc Board Representation Committee


B.3.01       Annual Budget Guidelines Revised Effective October 1, 2017 
B.3.02       Investment Policy
B.3.03       Financial Approval
B.3.04       Tangible Capital Assets 
B.3.05       Opening Public and Short-Term Tenders
B.3.06       Tendering Audit Financial Insurance 
B.3.07       Qualified Contractor-Service Provider List
B.3.08       Procurement Policy
B.3.09       Procurement and Tendering Definitions
B.3.10       Disposal of Vehicles
B.3.11       Procurement Card Policy
B.3.12       C.A. MacMillan Place
B.3.13       Building Purchasing or Leasing   
B.3.14       Sale of Surplus Buildings and Land 


B.4.01       Emergency Response Plan

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